NET je prepoznatljiv sistem integrator, dobavljač informatičke i telekomunikacijske opreme, software-a, informatički orijentiranih usluga, projektiranje i razvoj informacijskih sustava, te održavanje.
Who we are
Net Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been operating for 20 years, during which time it developed into a system integrator with extensive experience in consulting, development, implementation, integration and maintenance of integrated information and communication solutions.
We mostly employ highly educated young professionals and continuously conduct education / training of employees. Thanks to our trained personnel and quality completed projects we have gained confidence and favored status by the renowned manufacturers of IT equipment.
More about us

Aware of the fact that only quality and reliability guarantees success in business, we excel in professional and serious approach to business partners and customers. By constantly investing in education of our employees, we follow the trends of information technology and enable the professional advancement of employees and give them the opportunity to participate in large projects.

Human resources

Cutting edge technology alone is not sufficient. Without the right people to make a difference and affect the quality of development, implementation and maintenance of each solution we would not be successful. We believe that the willingness to work, desire for success and team spirit are the most important traits of each candidate. We are looking for workers who are aware that behind the success of the individual and the success of the company, despite all the professional and personal skills, is hard work. Being the best is our motto and therefore we employ people who have the same ambition in their area. So together we create only the best!
How we do it
Full service
A team of experts for hardware and software, provides a complete "package maintenance" after selling service equipment for our customers.
We look forward
Quality assurance is a continuous investment in the acquisition of knowledge and expertise of our staff as well as improving our organization.
Smart business
The quality of the delivery of our services and solutions we guarantee with partnerships with the world's leading manufacturers of equipment and solutions. For improving the organization we use the requirements of ISO 9001 standard.
We deliver quality
Our service quality is based on understanding the requirements and our ability to analyze customer needs with the knowledge of necessary solutions and technology.
What we do
Consultation, development, integration
IT Solutions
Cjeloviti informatičko-komunikacijski sustavi
PC, printers, servers, storage
support and maintenance

Net d.o.o. has been operating in IT business for many years and since then developed into system integrator with extensive experience. With help and contribution from trained staff and quality performed projects we gain trust of our clients and also preferential status with reputable worldwide manufacturers of IT equipment. Exactly this is the reason we are offering consulting services before implementing projects. We create complete analysis and snapshots of current system status with all existing applications, consult and suggest long term strategy of development for our customers.

Development, introduction and integration services
With continuous exchange of knowledge and experience with our customers we are recognizing their desires and needs, and together with them develop projects which help them take market lead role. Development and integrations services we offer are: analysis, project management, consulting, testing and also business intelligence.

NET d.o.o. offers system solutions for growing needs of its users, whether they need to build or upgrade of complex information systems
  • Microsoft family of products
  • Microsoft Windows OS - Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Office products - office environment
  • Windows Server
    • Active Directory
    • Application Server
    • Failover Clustering
    • File and Storage Services
    • Group Policy
    • Hyper-V
    • Networking
    • Print and Document Services
    • Remote Desktop Services
    • Security and Protection
    • Web Server (IIS)
    • Windows Server Backup
    • Windows Server Update Services
  • Microsoft Visual Studio – Development Tools
  • Microsoft SQL Server – database servers
  • Microsoft Exchange Server – email
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server - portal solutions and cooperation
  • System Center

  • reducing the number of physical servers reduces the need for electric power, space required for accommodation, resources for the maintenance of adequate climatic conditions in data centers.
  • creating a unique environment for servers enables to achieve significant savings in maintenance server
  • reducing management and administration costs via a central system for control of virtual servers
  • reducing time to deploy new servers
Virtualization Server 
Virtualization is consolidation of operating systems distributed on several physical servers into one physical server. 

Virtualization of client computers
Virtualization of client computers generally can be divided into desktop virtualization and application virtualization. Desktop Virtualization involves switching desktop environment in the data center where users can proactively monitor their desktops. This solution simplifies administration, increases service life of workstations, reduces overall costs, increases data security and accelerates application performance. 

Network solutions
  • Structured cabling - installation of passive cable network infrastructure of high performance, which is independent of technological changes from active network devices and applications.
  • LAN / WAN - switching and routing technologies are fundamental networking technology
  • Wireless networks - integration of wireless and wired networks in a single network that supports all current standards and ensures scalability for the future.
  • Video Conferencing – solution that has a wide usage in large companies and it offers huge savings in time and money.
  • VoIP / IP Telephony - using unique network infrastructure for transmission of data and voice traffic have number of benefits, such as elimination of the need to maintain two separate systems (classic telephony network and communications network), reducing the cost of telephone calls, avoidance of double cabling, etc.
  • FoIP - Fax over IP network increases productivity by 90% compared to traditional fax machines.
  • Network monitoring - successful network monitoring starts with correctly designed network and continues with carefully selected and adjusted tools. Monitoring and control of large systems are very important for solving problems that affect network characteristics - accessibility, availability, resistance to errors and security.
  • Security - networks have become a strategic location for the development and improvement of business, leading to protection needs of internal information systems at the network level.
  • Technology for telecommunications - 3CX
  • BACKUP - security systems and archival storage
Communication solutions
Net d.o.o. offers innovative communication solutions, and can offer companies complete business solution for communication needs.

3CX provides organizations a single, unified solution for telephony, conferencing, UC, video, call center, and mobility. It gives companies a step for migration to the next level of communication. There is no physical limit to the 3CX system. 3CX is completely SIP software solution independent from type and manufacturer of the equipment. Based on Microsoft architecture fits perfectly into the typical existing IT infrastructure without large investments and increasing system complexity. Among the hundreds of options that platform provides, you can enable communication services that you need, unite offices, enable mobile teams to better communicate with the office database, and at the same time cut costs through savings on bills from phone provider and reduction of TCO. Advanced communication does not have to be expensive. Assure yourself why 3CX is best-buy UC without saving on possibilities and options. 3CX support all kind of communication already in basic package, from simple telephone conversation to the latest world technologies and video conference. Configure 3CX system for 99.999% availability. Make sure why 3CX for years best-buy UC platform in the market, not sparing no to opportunities. 3CX already in the base version, without any supplement supports all forms of communication, from the most ordinary telephone to the last word in technology as well as web and video conference. Configure 3CX system for 99.999% availability. Communications are blood vessels of business, ensure reliable tool for employees and consistent link of the organization with the outside world.

Implementation of technology solutions that will meet all aspects that are necessary to user, ensure a reliable and long-lasting protection on acceptable way, and the ability for further development according to customer requirements and infrastructure he owns. In addition, with usage of the system for archiving data it’s possible to do long-term and safer storage of older date data on slower media, and savings on primary and more expensive systems.

  • Network Access Control
  • Protection against malicious code workstations, servers and applications
  • Anti-Spam
  • Protection and control web traffic
  • Public Key Infrastructure
  • encryption content
  • Log management
Client equipment
NET offers its customers a wide variety of client equipment; desktops, laptops, tablets, thin clients and so on. 
Net also offers other peripheral computer equipment such as monitors, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), surge protector, smart phones, cameras, navigation, external hard disks, USB sticks, memory cards, chargers, keyboards, mice, speakers, headphones, bags, etc. 

NET d.o.o. portfolio includes a wide range of different printer functions, print capacity and range of services for print management. We offer inkjet, laser, dot matrix and multifunction printers from various manufacturers. Net d.o.o. experts can help you select the optimal hardware solution for every user, in order to achieve cost savings and increased efficiency. 

NET d.o.o. in its portfolio offers a wide range of servers, with all categories. Servers can be divided into tower, rack and blade servers. 

Data storage
Disk systems are designed for the storage and use of data. Enables centralized data storage, increasing flexibility in data manipulation and security of data storage. 
  • Incident Management 
    Incident implies any event that is not a standard part of the equipment working procedure, and that causes or may cause disruption or reduced quality of service. The goal is to get back to normal service with minimal impact on business users, at affordable cost.
  • Reactive support
    Reactive support involves carrying out intervention by user call. Professional staff will eliminate the problem with advice, by giving instructions over the phone or remote access system, and when necessary access to a user's location, in order to fix the problem in time and according to contractual obligations.
  • Proactive support
    • We pay great attention to proactive maintenance system, where we apply the best practices of equipment manufacturers and software solutions that are in our portfolio. We monitor the performance of the information system and the "total health" of the system, regularly apply patches recommended by the manufacturers of equipment and software solutions, and timely inform users about new versions of which we maintain.
  • Consulting services
    As part of the offer we are offering consulting services that aim to improve existing systems users.
  • Professional education 
    With customer approval we are able to provide additional customer education which aims to improve user knowledge of the systems.
  • Documentation of the entire IT system 
    When taking over maintenance for customer NET d.o.o. carries out an analysis of the user system. On the basis of analysis, we produce a detailed technical documentation of the system. We also pay great attention to continuous updating of technical documentation.
  • Quick response to the entire territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina
PLUS support
Companies today are increasingly faced with the challenge of efficient use and management of IT infrastructure, in order to meet the requirements for high quality service. It is necessary to provide a reliable and scalable infrastructure that can meet business requirements, with a care about the quality, safety and cost. 

NET with its long experience in the implementation and maintenance of complex IT infrastructure through various maintenance models allows complete control of your IT infrastructure (complete or one part of the infrastructure). Through continuous investment in system expertise of engineers and technicians we can respond to all challenges. We provide complex types of support such as 12/7, 24/7, etc., as well as specific models of services tailored to specific types of users, with a focus on special adjustments for special customer needs.
Where we are

Tel: +387 36 449660
Fax: +387 36 449669
Adresa: Vukovarska 24, 88000 Mostar

Tel: +387 36 449670
Fax: +387 36 449669
Adresa: Vukovarska 24, 88000 Mostar

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Our partners
NET ima status, HP Gold Professional Computing Specialist, HP Gold Professional Storage Specialist,HP Gold Supplies Specialist i HP Gold Personal Computing Specialist.
Status Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, kojeg posjedujemo, predstavlja najvišu razinu kompetencije i stručnosti u poznavanju Microsoft tehnologije.
Mi smo IBM Busniness partner sa dugogodišnjim iskustvom u implementaciji IBM proizvoda.
Kompanija Epson, najpoznatija je po svojim rješenjima na području ispisa, a NET ima status Epson Authorized Service Provider, jedini u Bosni i Hercegovini.
Cisco Systems je svjetski lider u proizvodnji mrežne opreme za Internet.
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